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weird, wacky, funny citations

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You are slogging through hundreds of citations and abstracts from database search results or bibliographies. You have that numb-brain, glazed-eye feeling. Once in a while, you run across a citation that makes you stop, go back, and then laugh out loud. Because it's just too funny, weird, wacky, or odd to believe.

In the spirit of The Annals of Improbable Research, here's a place to share those citations.

  • Citations should be to real, published research. Citations to e-journals are ok if they are scholarly.
  • Please do include the whole citation, or at least enough bibliographic information so that someone could find it if they wanted to.
  • Abstracts are keen.
  • This is a community for sharing funny citations, and commenting on them. It's not a place for general discussion or advertisements of any kind.
If you think of any obvious Interest keywords that I've missed, please do make a post about it. I'll delete the post after adding the keywords.